First videos of a High V.LO-City fuel cell bus in Groningen
The High V.LO-City project launched a new demonstration site in Groningen (Netherlands) on the 10th of February More info >>
Happy new year from the High.VLO-City project team!
The High.VLO-City project team  wishes you a happy new year 2014! 2013 has been a very busy year in preparing the deployment of the 14 fuel cell.. More info >>
High.VLO-City buses in Antwerp – delivery coming soon!
In Antwerp, 5 fuel cell buses will operate in the city's public transport network and in the villages around the city. The buses are currently in.. More info >>
Updates from Aberdeen
In Aberdeen , the hydrogen bus project (which combines founding from the FCH-JU, the UK and the Scottish government)s will deliver a hydrogen infrastructure in.. More info >>