High V.LO-City to present at ENERGYCON in Florence
On 9-12 September 2012, the EU pilot project High V.LO-City will present the technology and the objectives of the project at the ENERGYCON.. More info >>
European Commission launches a campaign on Sustainable Urban Mobility
On 3 July 2012, the European Commission launched a campaign onĀ  Sustainable Urban Mobility More info >>
Oslo launched its fuel cell bus project
Oslo launched the fuel cell bus project Wednesday 30 More info >>
High VLO – Cities speed up the integration of FCH buses in public transport fleets
Europe is rapidly expanding the demonstration of fuel cell hydrogen buses in regular public transport services in several cities across the continent More info >>
Oettinger: Elections are ‘bad time’ for debating energy
2012 is a year of elections in France, the United States and Russia, but energy and elections are "not a good couple", because energy policies.. More info >>
Daimler debate on H2 and FC Technology
Daimler to host debate on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, EU Parliament, 28 February 2012 Start Date: 28 February, 2012 End Date: 28 February, 2012 Location: European.. More info >>
Press Release: H2 urban transport networks launched in London and Copenhagen
A new hydrogen transport project has been launched that will see city wide hydrogen networks developed in London and Copenhagen More info >>