FCH-JU review days and Stakeholders General Assembly in Brussels
The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCHJU) is organising the third edition of  the”Programme Review Days”. The Programme Review Days will take place on Monday the.. More info >>
Hydrogen bus fleet in Aberdeen: coming soon!
In Aberdeen, the High V.LO-City project is linked with the HyTransit fuel cell bus project, with the planned delivery of 6 additional buses later this.. More info >>
High V.LO-City bus stops also in Riga – a premiere in the Baltic states
On 16 October, one of the High V.LO-City buses, that will be put in regular service in San Remo next year, was showcased in Riga,.. More info >>
Move.App Expo in Milan attracts more than 800 participants
Move.App Expo is an international Forum about smart mobility and technology for transport and logistics, organized by CIRT – Center of Transport Research of DITEN.. More info >>
First bus delivery in the project, in San Remo!
Two out of the three Van Hool buses planned for delivery have arrived in Imperia (Liguria) More info >>
International Fuel Cell Bus Conference, Hamburg
Fuel cell buses are currently being tested in Europe, the United States, Asia and South America More info >>
Busworld academy launch seminar, Kortrijk,October 18
Busworld Academy is a new initiative of Busworld Foundation More info >>
High V.LO-City presents at European Sustainable Energy Week
This year, HyER will be marking its 5th anniversary together with its member regions and cities across Europe with a three-day event on 24-26 June.. More info >>
Fuel cell technology showcased in Vancouver
The Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2013 conference, started on Sunday at the Vancouver Convention Centre
Video: Green buses for European Cities
Zero emission buses have been integrated in a number of European Cities to decarbonise transport More info >>