Fuel Cell Buses in U.S. Transit Fleets: Current Status 2013
This report is the seventh in an annual series of reports that summarize the progress of fuel cell electric bus (FCEB) development in the United.. More info >>
Hydrogen technology applications for industry: a Belgian perspective
In the framework of the EU2020 growth strategy, the EU has set ambitious goals with the aim of making the European economy smarter, more sustainable and.. More info >>
EU launches emissions reduction target by 2030
A reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% below the 1990 level, an EU-wide binding target for renewable energy of at least 27%, renewed.. More info >>
Press release: High V.LO-City: the first steps of a European Network of Clean Hydrogen Bus Centres of Excellence
Brussels, 20 January 2014 European cities speeding up fuel cell hydrogen buses deployment: the first steps of a European Network of Clean Hydrogen Bus Centres of.. More info >>
Commission launches “urban mobility package”
The European Commission is stepping up its support to towns and cities in a new “urban mobility package” adopted on 17 December 2013 More info >>
EU Clean Air package supports clean air for EU citizens
As some Chinese news agencies are referring to military benefits of the recent high  smog levels in Shanghai, the EU Commission’s Clean Air Package presented today.. More info >>
Third High.VLO-City consortium meeting on 16/17 January 2014
The High.VLO-City consortium will meet on 16-17 January 2014 to take stock of the progress in the three locations and plan the next steps More info >>
First calls for projects under Horizon 2020
Horizon 2020 launched with €15 billion over first two years The European Commission has for the first time presented calls for projects under Horizon.. More info >>
2014 contest to Design Drop-In Hydrogen Fueling Station – for university students worldwide
The Hydrogen Education Foundation announced that the 10th annual Hydrogen Student Design Contest will challenge student teams to design a transportable, containerized hydrogen fueling station.. More info >>
Transport Council reaches a general agreement on alternative fuels infrastructure
On 5 December 2013, the Transport Council reached an general approach on a proposal for a directive on alternative fuels infrastructure More info >>