Do the High V.LO-City Do Ron Ron
At this stage of fuel cell and hydrogen deployment we tend to busy ourselves a lot with necessary policy support measures, the need for standardisation,.. More info >>
Hydrogen hydrogen everywhere, Aberdeen buses in BBC news section
The BBC business section on the day of the solar eclipse on March 20 published another story  with a cosmic dimension under the title "Hydrogen, Hydrogen,.. More info >>
European manufacturers agree on fuel cell bus deployment
At the 7th Stakeholder Forum of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking on November 12, 2014 the five major bus manufacturers, Evobus, MAN, Solaris, Van.. More info >>
Van Hool and Ballard set up FC bus Service and Parts Centre in Lier
Ballard Power Systems and partner Van Hool N.V.,  launched on October 16, 2014 a  joint European Service and Parts Centre for fuel cell buses (to.. More info >>
Second report released on FC buses in Whistler, Canada
The US National Renewable Energy Lab, NREL released a second report on the fuel cel buses that were running until recently in British Columbia's bus services.. More info >>
High V.LO-City featured among Flanders transport innovators
De iCleantech Vlaanderen organisation publishes regularly on key innovators in Flanders
Region of Zealand in Denmark features High V.LO-City project
Taking advantage of the more tranquil summer months in Brussels, the representative office of the region of Zealand in Denmark featured the High V.LO-City project prominently.. More info >>
Shape content of Hydrogen Student Design Context
The Hydrogen Student Design Contest's annual competition has since 2004 reached over 1,000 university-level students worldwide, engaging them in the design of hydrogen and.. More info >>
Hydrogen buses come to all Energy Conference
Key industry and public sector organisations have joined together to demonstrate Europe’s largest integrated hydrogen project More info >>
Fuel cell buses: it all started in California…
So started the presentation of Paul Jenne coordinator of High V.LO-City made at the Hannover fair on 10 April 2014. So Mr Jenne: "I all started.. More info >>