Project Partners
The High V.LO-City project started in 2012 and will run until 2019. Project partners: VAN HOOL N.V. (project coordinator) - Belgium Riviera Trasport SpA -.. More info >>
High V.LO-City Vision and Objectives
The High V.LO-City project, through the use of, highly efficient, FCH buses and a comprehensive, modular maintenance and hydrogen infrastructure build-up, provides facilitated substitution of.. More info >>
Implementation Strategy
The High V.LO-City project follows a comprehensive set of key actions to achieve the various objectives of the project More info >>
Project Summary
The High V.LO-City project aims at accelerating the integration of a new generation of FCH buses (14 FC buses will be operating in Scotland (UK),.. More info >>
Project Work Plan
The High V.LO-City project aims to facilitate rapid deployment of a new generation of FCH buses in public transport operations. To achieve this ambitious goal, the.. More info >>