DITEN (University of Genoa), a partner in High V.LO-City, partipated in a National Conference organised by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports and ASSTRA (association of Italian LPT companies) and dedicated to urban Transport systems on the 5th and 6th of May in Rome.

DITEN presented the High V.LO project during one of the sessions. The title of the presentation was the following: “Innovazione e tecnologia nel TPL, programmi comunitari ed il progetto High V.LO – City”.

In the same session, Mr. Francisco Gonzales, Vice Chairman UITP of the Bus Committee, mentioned High V.LO – City as important EU project in the sector.

The conference obtained a great interest with more than 200 participants and was attended by the Italian Transport Minister Mr. Graziano Del Rio on the 5th of May. The audience also included representatives from local authorities, public transport companies and high level consultants. The conference was thus a good opportunity to disseminate the results achieved by fuel cell buses to an expert audience in Italy.

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