The US National Renewable Energy Lab recently published its 2015 edition of the fuel cell bus operations at AC Transit that showed some significant improvements:

1. The FCEBs have operated 969,145 miles and 110,832 hours on the fuel cell power systems and have used 122,944 kg of hydrogen.

2.  The Oakland hydrogen station was completed and a portion of the fleet was moved to operate out of that division. The station, designed and built by Linde, features dispensers in-line with the diesel fueling island, which allows the FCEBs to be integrated into the standard process for prepping buses for the next morning pull-out. •

3. The twelve fuel cell power plants (FCPP) continue to accumulate high hours of service. This is a record number of hours documented to date on a fuel cell in a transit application. Of the remaining FCPPs, 71% have surpassed 9,000 hours.

4.  AC Transit and its manufacturer partners continue to ramp up service of the FCEBs, including troubleshooting, maintenance, and training for all involved. The buses are now being operated on any route out of the two depots that are serviced by 40-foot buses (with the exception of commuter routes).

The report is available at NREL website

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