The relevant infrastructure to operate fuel cell buses is being put in place in Flanders. A 400 kg H2/day capacity Hydrogen Refueling Station, ordered to the Danish company H2logic, has been technically accepted, delivered and installed at the Solvin-Solvay industrial site of Lillo, some 20 km from Antwerp city center, where the buses will operate. The Hydrogen Refueling Station is today ready for operation.

The hydrogen that will feed the Refueling Station is a by-product of the Lillo industrial site. Due to its high purity it will be used as fuel without any additional purification.

It is now time to wait for the delivery of the fuel cell buses to the Flemish operator De Lijn, scheduled for spring 2014 to see the Refueling Station in full operation!

 Picture: Hydrogen Refueling Station at the Solvin-Solvay indutrial site if Lillo; the project banner will be added soon.


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