In San Remo, 3 buses have arrived in September 2013. The 4th and 5th buses have arrived mid-November. 2 buses already have their license plate. All buses will be ready for operation by 31 January 2014. They will be in a testing phase in February and March 2014, with a plan for full operation in April 2014. The buses will be operating in 2 lines: on one line (La Brezza – Villa Helios) 3 fuel cell buses will fully substitute the trolleybuses currently operating, while on the second line (Sanremo – Taggia), the fuel cell buses will constitute half of the fleet.

The case of San Remo/Riviera Trasporti is particularly of interest, as instead of moving from combustion engines to clean transportation, Riviera Trasporti is replacing its electric fleet (trolleybuses – clean transport) by fuel cell buses.

As for the refueling infrastructure, a mobile refueling station will be used in the first half of 2014, which will enable a direct full operation of the buses once delivered. By mid-June 2014, the fixed refueling station shall be ready for operation while the whole infrastructure shall be ready by mid September 2014.

Electrolysis will build at least 60% of the hydrogen required. For the remaining 40%, tube trailers will be used. The next step will be that part of the hydrogen initially delivered by tube trailer will be produced on-site by solar energy.


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