In Aberdeen , the hydrogen bus project (which combines founding from the FCH-JU, the UK and the Scottish government)s will deliver a hydrogen infrastructure in Aberdeen by early 2014, including:

  • Production of hydrogen from a 1MW electrolyser
  • Establishing a state-of-the-art hydrogen refuelling station, Scotland’s first commercial-scale hydrogen refuelling station that will include hydrogen production through electrolysis
  • Deployment of a fleet of 10 hydrogen buses, to be operated by FirstGroup and Stagecoach (4 buses being founded through the High V.LO-City project, and 6 buses being founded by the HyTransit project).
  • The development of a hydrogen safe maintenance facility. Within an operational fleet maintenance depot

The buses will only emit water vapour, reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, as well as being quieter and smoother to run.

Building on Aberdeen’s world -wide reputation in the energy industry, this H2 project will enable the development and deployment of hydrogen infrastructure. This work will open the way for new and innovative hydrogen technology projects and accelerate the commercial use of hydrogen as a fuel, offering green transport solutions.

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