In San Remo, the 5 buses have arrived. 3 buses already have their license plate and will be ready for operation by February 2014.

They will be in a testing phase in February and March 2014, in parallel with staff training. The 5 fuel cell buses will start to operate in the lines La Brezza – Villa Helios and Sanremo – Taggia in spring 2014.

As regards the refueling infrastructure, the hydrogen refueling station will be ready by September 2014. In order to allow a smooth functioning of the buses, a mobile refueling station, displayed in the bus depot, will be used in the meantime.

It is foreseen 60% of the hydrogen required will be produced by electrolysis, which means that the hydrogen is produced by splitting water molecules (H2O) into their constituents hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). More information about the process here. Tube trailers (high-pressure hydrogen tanks) are planned be used for the remaining 40%. At a later stage, it is foreseen that part of the hydrogen initially delivered by tube trailer will be produced on-site by solar energy.

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