The Flemish government has approved the decision to buy 386 buses to replace the oldest and most polluting vehicles with more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly ones.  More than one sixth of De Lijn’s transport operator will be replaced. The investment amounts to 93 million euro, the largest order ever placed by De Lijn. The buses will be built by the Flemish Van Hool bus supplier from Koningshooikt and VDL (formerly Jonckheere) from Roeselare, and the French Irisbus.

Five hydrogen fuel cell buses will also be integrated into De Lijn’s fleet. The buses are part of the EU co-funded High V.LO-City project which aims at accelerating the deployment of the last generation of FCH buses in public transport operations, by addressing key environmental and operational concerns that transport authorities are facing today.

The 5 vehicles are to be delivered by the end of the year in Flanders.  The buses will be refuelling at Solvay’s hydrogen station.

“The greening of the fleet Line should help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and thus the climate goals,” said Minister Crevits.

The Flemish governement has also reinforced its commitment to further boost a low-carbon economy with the approval of its Climate plan for 2013-2020.

Read here De Lijn’s press release in Dutch.

To read the article in Dutch as published in the media, click here.

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