The High V.LO-City project aims to facilitate rapid deployment of a new generation of FCH buses in public transport operations.
To achieve this ambitious goal, the High V. LO-City project is organised into 5 comprehensive work-packages and dedicated tasks, that will follow a rigorousWork Plan covering 36 months. The High V. LO-City Work Plan is structured into two horizontal activities, namely

“Project Coordination & Management” (WP1) and “Dissemination strategy, exploitation and stakeholders involvement for further demonstration enlargement” (WP5), and three vertical technical WPs (from WP2 to WP4).

The WP2 and WP3 cover the High V. LO-City demonstration process, in the four project locations., Liguria (Italy), in Flanders (Belgium), Aberdeen (Scotland) and Groningen (Netherlands).

WP2 will be focused on modular hydrogen refuelling infrastructure build-up and maintenance.

WP3 will be focused on integrating FCH in the partner bus operations.

Both WPs will include a short analysis of past and running experiences in the field of hybrid hydrogen busses, covering EU and worldwide successful experiences.

WP4 will evaluate and assess the socio-economic aspects of the FCH bus integrations:

  • survey of bus operation trends;
  • employment analysis and personnel training;
  • life cycle cost analysis;
  • passenger engagement surveys.

In WP5 a multi-level dissemination and engagement plan will be executed targeting key stakeholders in cities and regions using the criteria develped in the NextHylights project. The general dissemination of the results of the project will be facilitated through the communication channels of the involved transport authorities and HyRaMP members to ramp up buy-in from neighbouring public transport authorities.
The engagement plan will seek to consolidate the network of current fuel cell hydrogen bus demonstration sites to broaden awareness and involvement of transport authorities across Europe. Involvement of New Member States will be ensured by using “sister city” partnerships in each of the three High V.LO-City locations with countries in Eastern Europe .

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